The mission of BAIS family (home-school-church) is to provide students with a positive and caring learning environment dedicated to developing skills and nurturing an inquiring mind that ignites a desire for a purposeful and meaningful lifestyle through an active understanding of Jesus Christ.


Our vision is to be the heart of Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education in Bangkok.

Who We Are

Bangkok Adventist International School is a private Christian school that provides education to children (Kindergarten – Grade 8) of both local and mobile foreign communities in Bangkok. It is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Thailand. Our goal is to facilitate a quality learning environment in which our students can develop academically, socially, physically and spiritually.



BAIS is committed to the belief in a created universe and from this Creator God comes all truth. Embedded is the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ being the central to the wisdom and understanding not only of the Bible but also in all subject areas including one’s personal life. It is the desire of BAIS to compliment the home, not to compete with it.